Michele & Madame Chrysanthemum

Growing up in New York, Michele Mikulec had always dreamed of having her own shop. She lost herself in the amazing storefront windows throughout the city, daydreaming of having her own to decorate some day. 

Michele moved to Savannah in 1995 to attend the Savannah College of Art and Design. While here, she fell in love with the city's seductive beauty –– the moss-covered trees, the grand architecture, and the intriguing people.


After obtaining a B.F.A. in historic preservation and an associate's degree in painting and sculpture, Michele returned to New York. She attended the New York Botanical Garden Floral Design program where she mastered the fundamentals of floral design and developed her own design aesthetic. Surrounded by the city's innovation, buzz, and culture, Michele found plenty of creative inspiration.

She then traveled throughout Europe ––still finding inspiration along the way–– and spent time in Paris, where she was enamored by the city's flower shops. She visited plenty, gathering inspiration along the way, and fell in love with their elegant and eclectic atmospheres.

And so, with inspiration and passion, Michele returned to Savannah in 2006. She found a quaint shop space in the city's historic district and established Madame Chrysanthemum, finally bringing her childhood dreams to life.   



Now, almost 18 years after opening Madame Chrysanthemum's doors, Michele has not only brought her childhood dreams to life, but has become a sought out staple in the Savannah community. With her artistic flair and ability to create show-stopping floral finesse, Michele and Madame Chrysanthemum defines what it means to be a "girl-boss", while revolutionizing Savannah floral artistry forever.